Thursday, 31 May 2007

7 things

Overwhelmed tagged me to share 7 things peeps dont know about me.

1. I can write very well with both hands.

2. I am not dating any one at the moment.. Have been single since April 2006, when my Bf came to tell me he got a lady pregnant and was going to marry her( yeah... will blog about it soon).

3. I am afraid of heights.

4. I am not so crazy about sex.

5. I trust people easily.

6. I cant stand people that bite their nails.

7. I have never had boil (ewo) in my life.

So i tag U, U and of course, U.

Friday, 25 May 2007

More Questions

To bloggers that have been longing for my questions.

I promise to thrill ur minds with questions every FRIDAY


If u were to come to this world as an animal, what would u be and why?

U must spend £1million in 24hrs with no penny left, how would u spend it?

If given a chance to save just ONE of this 3(ur partner, mum and child) from drowning, who would u save and why?

what 3 changes would u effect if u became the President of your home country?

Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Stinging Words

Got this from my friend.... BOLA

Words can sting

You've probably noticed that - especially critical words. But they may be a lot like iodine.

Listen to our word for today from the Word of God in Proverbs 15:31, "He who listens to a life-giving rebuke will be at home among the wise."
Notice, a rebuke can actually be "life-giving." It doesn't usually feel life-giving.

When someone points out something they don't like about us, it hurts. It stings. But God says if we heed that criticism or rebuke, we're showing how wise we are.

In fact, according to Proverbs 27:6, "wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses."

First, when someone who cares about us points out something they see in us, it does feel like a "wound." The Bible acknowledges that it hurts. But it also says that those comments can be "trusted" when they come from a friend.

People who don't care about you may tell you whatever you want to hear, but those who care about you will tell you what you need to hear!

When we love someone, we have a responsibility to be a mirror for them; to show them what we see when we look at them. Sometimes, that means we'll be affirming what things they are doing right, praising them for strong points they have that they may not be able to see.

But our love also means we must hold up that mirror sometimes to show them how they're coming across, what they're doing wrong. We all hate to hear that we're accidentally unbuttoned or unzipped, but it's a good thing they let us know. It can save us a lot of embarrassment!

So when a friend or loved one points out something that isn't fun to hear, don't get angry with them or don't just disregard what they said. Consider what it is that may have made them say that. What do they see that maybe you can't see about yourself?

Maybe only a percentage of what they point out is accurate, but you need to prayerfully consider what part of it is true.

It's hard for me to face this, but there must be something I'm doing or communicating that has made this person have this perception. The Bible says that those who listen openly and honestly to one of their "mirrors" will be "at home among the wise."

In some ways, the closer the person is to us, the harder it is for us to receive critical feedback from them. Like from our spouse, for example. But those are the comments we should give the greatest weight to, because this is someone who really loves us and someone who knows us well.

And when we are giving someone constructive criticism, let's be sure that we assure them of our love and of our belief in them, and that that's the reason we're giving them this hard-to-hear input.

The "iodine" of some one's criticism does sting. But what stings can also kill infection!

Have a funfilled week.... c u on Friday.

Friday, 18 May 2007

The People

They are at it again oooo....

I remember a certain time, i think, 2004, then i was in Naija. I got a call from someone..

The conversation.

Me: Hello, who's ds?

Caller: Ha, emi ni, o ran ti ohun mi(its me, cant u recognise my voice)

Me: ta le mi, please who are u?

Caller: Uncle e in london, iwo omo yi ti gbagbe ni(ur uncle, u've forgotten me so soon)

I had a feeling, he's one of The People)

Me: (trying to play along) ha uncle Soji, e ka san(Uncle S, good afternoon)

Caller: bawo ni jare, ma binu pe mi o pe lati ojo yi... mo fe send awon handsets kan to ni camera si iwo ati jide(how r u, sorry that av not been in touch since, please i want to send some handsets to u and Jide

Me: (thinking.....who the hell is Jide)... ha,no problem, ese sir.. where will i get them from?

Caller: wa losi Hotel kan ni ikeja(gave me the name), jo ba mi mu N25,000 dani fun ore mi to ma ba ni be, o fe fi san owo kan, ma send e si e pada(u'll have to go to a hotel at ikeja with N25k for my freinds, i'll send it back to u)....

Me: (yeah right.. cant ever be mugu), ole ni yin sir, i dont have an uncle by that name in London.. try another line( u're a thief sir)

Caller...( all of a sudden).. line yi mehn, mi ogbo e mo( this line, cant hear u)

Meanwhile, i heard the stupid man telling somone at the background pe o ti ka mi sha( he's been caught).

MAY 18, 2007, LONDON

Only for me to get a missed call this morning again from Naija.... i dont like it when i miss calls from Naija, could be my sisters, mum or friends trying to get across to me.

Anyway, i called the number and this time it was a lady at work ,hmmm... the people(all the way from Naija)

Me: hello, i got a missed call on my phone and just want to know who ds is.
(meanwhile, at the background i heard a voice that said.. shey, number yen ni yen(is that the number?)

LadyCaller: ha, aunty eka ro ma emi ni(aunty, good morning, its me)

Me: thinking(whose voice is ds?) ta ni yin?(who r u?)

LC: Omo aburo mummy yin lati owo(ur mum's niece from OWO

(I immediately flashed back to Naija.... hmm, The people..... my mum is not from Owo, cant even remember anyone from Owo)

(Decided to play along, )

Me: Ha, se Bukky ni yen, mummy e nko(is that bukky, how is ur mum?)

LC: Won wa, awon lo ni kin pe yin( She's alright, she ordered me to call u)

ME: Se ko si( hope no problem)

LC: Aunty, won ni mummy yin sick gan, pe won fe se operation fun won, pe ko de si owo pupo lowo awon(aunty, ur mum is sick and she needs to go thru an operation, she doesn't have enuff money.

(hmmm.. The People, my mum that just woke me up this morning with prayers)....

Me: Bukky, ose gan, have u called my elder sister?

Lc; A ni number wan( we dont have her number)

(but u have mine in London...)

Me: Bukky, ose o. iya e lo ma se operation, gbogbo ile yin lo ma se operation.. my mum is very well and kicking(thanks Bukky, ur mum will be operated, everyone in ur family)....

Lc:(thinking she's dropped) epe l on se fun mi, o ti ka mi now(she's cursing me, she's caught me.

I called my mum immediately to confirm.. she's ALRITE
After a while, i tried the number again before i left for work.... Peeps, The people don comot the SIM card.

So, this is a warning to u all... Beware of THE PEOPLE.

Meanwhile, av u ever had an encounter with them? Lets hear it.

Enjoy ur weekend.

Monday, 14 May 2007

Relationship Questions

Hey peeps,

How are u all doing, hope u had a beautiful weekend.
(I am back again with my questions)

Would you marry ur step mother's son/daughter knowing fully well that ur step mum caused the death of your mother?.

What would u do if u came to the room and saw ur dad/mum shagging ur spouse?

If u're given a chance to meet with God, for 10mins.. What question would u ask HIM?

Have a beautiful week...

Friday, 11 May 2007


I was watching a yoruba movie sometimes last month with a friend of got to a scene where the man in the film was having sexual intercouse with a spirit while sleeping,..... sha, i told my friend the meaning in English...SUCCUBUS.

She nearly killed me that i formed the English cos she's never heard such word, ok.. i went as far to tell her the opposite is INCUBUS(when a woman does same in her sleep) .... she nearly choked, she had to call up a couple of friends to confirm the word, awon olodo, they said there's no such word.... enough for English.. if una no know am, does it mean it doesn't exist?

I wan vex die, cos this my friend na one oyinbo person, she beleives she understands oyinbo pass anybody.... words wey i don sabi since secondary school., warramess......

Anyway, she called me up some few minutes ago, that she looked it up in the dictionary and Lo, and behold, she saw the meaning there..... yeye sure she will spread it out to everyone around her, cos she's earned another word in English..

So to u, abeg, are u hearing the words for the first time(i trust u all to be intelligent)

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Lets hear it.......

If today's declared WORLD STEALING day( u must steal).. what would you steal?

10 Memes.......

Where did you wake up this morning? My bed

Who did u last receive a text from anmd what did it say? My friend.. toyin, it says whats' up girl?

Whats been the most embarassing moment of your life? Funy, i cant think of any

When were u last naked in front of another person and who? This morning, in front of my mirror.

What was the last lie u told? Lied that i was out of London cos i didnt want to see him.

When was the last time u cried? Last week

What do u dislike most about ur self Am too honest.

If u were invisible for a day, what would be the first thing u'll do? I might take a trip to Buckingham palace to see the queen having her bath(am so crazy)

Whats the most expensive thing you've ever bought? My Jimmy choo Shoes.

So peeps, i tag u all.

Have a beautiful week.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Relationship Questions

Check this out....

Lets assume your're getting married in 2weeks time and ur elder sister comes to tell you she's pregnant for ur man. What would u do? ......

Thursday, 3 May 2007

LIFE's many Choices


Life have many choices,the choices we make determine who we are.
It is always good to leave our life by choice and not by chance.Each person creates their life experience through the choices they make every day and are therefore responsible for the satisfaction or lack of it that they're getting out of life.

Here is a list to keep.

The most destructive habit..............................Worry

The greatest Joy.............................................Giving
The greatest loss......................Loss of self-respect
The most satisfying work....................Helping others
The ugliest personality trait....................Selfishness

The most endangered species........Dedicated leaders

Our greatest natural resource....................Our youth

The greatest "shot in the arm"...........Encouragement

The greatest problem to overcome......................Fear

The most effective sleeping pill.........Peace of mind

The most crippling failure disease................Excuses

The most powerful force in life..........................Love

The most dangerous pariah......................A gossip

The world's most incredible computer.......The brain

The worst thing to be without......................... Hope

The deadliest weapon.............................The tongue

The two most power-filled words................."I Can"

The greatest asset.........................................Faith

The most worthless emotion......................Self-pity

The most beautiful attire................................SMILE!

The most prized possession....................... Integrity

The most powerful channel of communication.......Prayer

The most contagious spirit....................Enthusiasm

To the WORLD, YOU may be ONE person; but to ONE person, YOU may be the WORLD!
Life has many choices . . . "