Friday, 25 May 2007

More Questions

To bloggers that have been longing for my questions.

I promise to thrill ur minds with questions every FRIDAY


If u were to come to this world as an animal, what would u be and why?

U must spend £1million in 24hrs with no penny left, how would u spend it?

If given a chance to save just ONE of this 3(ur partner, mum and child) from drowning, who would u save and why?

what 3 changes would u effect if u became the President of your home country?

Have a wonderful weekend.


~Mimi~ said...

Yay!!!!!!!! Questions!!!!!!!!! Hi sis!

Eehmmm, I would be a peaceful beaurriful dove.

Invest of course, after tithing and paying off my credit card.

My partner, that way he can save my mum and my child (WITH HIM BEING A MAN AND ALL) lol.... thats a tough cookie jo

That every rich man should live in the shoes of a poor man for a month (lets see how they all like it) --- then maybe people would be nicer after

SET said...

OK, 1st answer is I want to come back as the animal I already am. lol. I will buy homes for me, family and set my business up and those of family with my money and commit some of it to humanity in my country. I can't think of who I will save, hard one. I would improve on spreading wealth, the poor have to make a living man in Africa. I have no dreams of being a leader of a nation, but that balancing of our economies in Africa is key to a lot problem solving.

Tayo said...

1. Man! (or else, i don't want to come back)
2. £1million? When I get it, I'll know (When not If!)
3. My partner (I promised for better for worse, till death do us part)
4. Create Education, Create Wealth for every Nigerian, Improve the economy... and not chop or allow anyone to chop Nigeria's money.

Simply Gorgeous said...

OK-let me see if I can answer these...

If I had to come to this world as an animal what would I be? Hmmm...Probably a dog. they are usualy well taken care of, some are cute, and their life expectancy is about 14 years and some live longer. I would have said a leopard but I saw National geographic the other day and it is too scary and too much work.(smile)

2/ I would donate the money to orphanages,comission the building of houses and school for the poor. From personal experience I know too much money brings more headache than happiness...

3/ Hmm... I would say believe it or not my partner....Why ? My mother she has lived her life well and I know she cares for my happiness and suffering that is what she would want me to do.

My baby- this is tough. But I would have to let it go. Hopefully God will forgive me and bless me with more children.

My partner- because there is only one of him and he is definitely my soul mate. It has taken me a hundred years to find him...

4/ 3 changes alright...

1/ create jobs for all graduates in their field as soon as they are finished university so they do not become armed robbers...

2/Paying the civil servants there salaries on time with a raise in there pay. Things will run more smoothly in Nigeria that way.

3/ Excellent healthcare services. with competent doctors and up to date equipment. I will also send doctors to the villages routinely to treat the poor whocannot afford the services.

Ugo Daniels said...

Str8 up answers:

-I'll be a LION so i can conveniently and effectively destroy my!

-Its very simple nah, just invest in Google shares, last i checked, it was almost 500USD for a unit share

-Damn, this one hard ooo. Anyways, i'll save all three at once...Trust me, i can do it!

-(1)Ok, here it goes, all old men in da village between the ages of 85-200 will be esecuted. Lets know where all these witch pipo dey come from! (2) I'll sack all present head of parastatals, ministries, Govt agencies, etc and give the jobs to deserving Young scholars. (3) I'll buy myself an Island and use it as a getaway with my numerous concubines!...LMAO!!!

Ugo Daniels said...

Oh, i forgot to mention, The Nigerian Bloggers are doing a chain sumthn on the 29th on the just concluded and recent political events in 9ja.

Please, go to The Nigerian Proclamation to get more info.

Thank you!

Inuke Omotola Davis said...

I will save my partner!

wow i dont know what i will do with that much money. Let me think about it......

chidi said...

interesting questions....
1) if i had to be an animal, i would be a dog because they are freindly & loyal & dnt forget cute!

2)if was to spend 1 million in 24hrs, how would i spend it? For that i dnt know.

3)i hope i never get to be in that situation so i wnt answer that question. Brings shivers down my spine.

4)if i became president, i would try and make nigeria look like dubai or even better, i would make sure that remove every corrupt official, and the oil money would be used to help the poor in nigera

Naija Vixen said...

1) A tigress---grrr!!!I dont want pple to coo at me (yes,u

2) Charity first,Family second (if they see this im dead) Money finished,you know how LARGE Naija families are...!

3) OMG!!! I refuse to answer this one!!!

4) Kill them old peeps that wont let us progress, sort out the naija-delta crisis by creating better infrastructure,jobs and increasing the oil profits the land shuld be gettin AND then concentrate on alleviating (my big word of the day) poverty instead of jetsetting round the world meeting world presidents...gotta sort out ur home before you do others.... PHEW!
Kip 'em coming!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd be a tiger... ahh vixen why did you steal my answer? million dollars... i'll pay off my moms mortgage then take all my friends cloth and shoe shopping.. why the fuck not?! um.. the other one i don't kno... i go to a 'spiritually sensitive' church(lmao.. my mom said that last week and i thought it was just the funniest thing) so i dont even want to invite room for that kind of stuff in my life...amen!! i will put all my friends in office and let my country party like its 1989!!!!

9ja Opeke said...

If u were to come to this world as an animal, what would u be and why?
>>>Woman...I am loving being a woman

U must spend £1million in 24hrs with no penny left, how would u spend it?
>>>Just throw it up in the air...I should be able to get a whole lot of people who will pick it up in less than an hour (grin)

If given a chance to save just ONE of this 3(ur partner, mum and child) from drowning, who would u save and why?
>>>I will look for how I will save Myself because I can't swim...

what 3 changes would u effect if u became the President of your home country?
>>>I leave that to those who are into politics

The Last King Of Scotland said...

1. probably a jaguar. im in love with the car. its sleek, sophisticated and fast, just like the animal. beautiful too.

2. id watch brewster's millions for tips. mmmm probably buy a nice house, give some to the less privileged, some to family and the rest to feed the poor and needy. and that jaguar too. lol

3. question number 3 hard o. i cant really swim as well but if i could it may be the child cos he/she has a whole lot of living left to do. its a difficult one though.

4. president of nigeria abi? hmmmm. the 3 things to sort out are

a. power
b. economy
c. corruption

Anonymous said...

I'll be an Eagle

I'll pay my tithe, my bills...fix all d stuffs dat needs fixing
I'll invest of 'cos...yeah I've always wanted to donate a huge amount for charity

president of
I go first steal d money..take care of my family...then I go concentrate on d country

Life through rose-tinted glasses said...

i know this is really late replying but ur questions mehnnnnnn ur a