Thursday, 31 May 2007

7 things

Overwhelmed tagged me to share 7 things peeps dont know about me.

1. I can write very well with both hands.

2. I am not dating any one at the moment.. Have been single since April 2006, when my Bf came to tell me he got a lady pregnant and was going to marry her( yeah... will blog about it soon).

3. I am afraid of heights.

4. I am not so crazy about sex.

5. I trust people easily.

6. I cant stand people that bite their nails.

7. I have never had boil (ewo) in my life.

So i tag U, U and of course, U.


londonnaijachic said...

i have never had a boil too and i can also write with both hands. Fill us in on your ex's gist.Am off to do mine now

Vera Ikeji said...

I can write very well with my right hand and okay with my left.

2. I am dating some one at the moment. A very fantastic guy.

3. I am not very afraid of heights.
4. I am very very crazy about sex.

5. I dont trust people easily.

6. I dont like it when people bite their nails, i ask them to stop when they do it in my presence.

7. I have pimples a lot on my face, especially during that time of the month.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry if this offends you but that ex-bf is an asshole.. wtf?! i love heights.. i usually go on the highest rides at the amusement park(daredevil abi?) great responses.. rock on mami

LondonBuki said...

You have never had a boil???

Lucky you! When I was in secondary school, I think I had at least one a month!

I will email you soon. Thank you.

Naija Vixen said...

You write well with both hands? Dat na gift oh...nd that ex was a bil?How bout chicken pox?

Orientatednaijababe said...

i bite my nails, so u won't be able to stand me.....Good riddance to ur Ex. u r way better off.

Anonymous said...

@ no 4--lol
@ no 6 that means u cant stand me
@ no ewo...u lucky o

Anonymous said...

passando soh de rolé fica na paz ..
nois eh nois tem nem jeito !!!!

bimbylads said...

no boil in ur life?? some people r sure lucky, my nose used to harvest them wehn i was a kid..!!

ExcitedJade said...

@LNC... so u see, no be only me, wll give u ex's gist soon.

@Vera....thanks for stopping by, how r u?

@Overwhelmed... Love u darling... Ex is indeed an ASSHOLE

@LB.... Sweetheart, i love u too much, mail me asap cos i need to find out sthg from u.

@ Nvixen.. love u darling, yes, na gift oh.... i had chicken pox in primary school, heard its a once in lifetime thingy.

@ONB...Y not, if u promise not to bit ur nails in my presence.

@ Pinksatin...No matter what, i'll stick with

@Luis paulo... interprete!!!

@Bimbylads.. welcome back daring, love u three much.

yankeenaijachick said...

Girl, that was cute...............thanks for stopping by my blog. Ewo sucks. Boil is so painful. Very painful.

princess said...

I guess we are in the same boat @Numbers 1,4 and 5.