Monday, 14 May 2007

Relationship Questions

Hey peeps,

How are u all doing, hope u had a beautiful weekend.
(I am back again with my questions)

Would you marry ur step mother's son/daughter knowing fully well that ur step mum caused the death of your mother?.

What would u do if u came to the room and saw ur dad/mum shagging ur spouse?

If u're given a chance to meet with God, for 10mins.. What question would u ask HIM?

Have a beautiful week...


Uzo said...

Interesting questions;...

If i could ask God a question - i think it would be to help me understand why there was so much evil in the world

ExcitedJade said...

sweetheart, hmmmmmmmmmmmm.. i wonder too, y?

Orientatednaijababe said...

darling, where do u get these questions from? i will think of the answers and get back to you

chicala said...

devastating situations!
1st qu , answer's hell no!
2nd, i cant even come up with an ans righ now, but i'ld be highly devastated 4 sure.
3rd, ahhh baba God himself? i'l hav to think of that one.

Ugo Daniels said...

1; Cant even imagine it
2; I'll blackmail him/!
3; Why did he allow Obasanjo to be killing 9ja single-handedly and to please give me BILL GATES credit card!

Simply Gorgeous said...

Wow very deep questions, and so early in the morning let me think...

1/ I cannot do that fall in love with someone who's mother I know was responsible for killing my mother. This sounds lik a naija movie I watched somewhere.

2/ I would obviously go ballistic.. I think I would run away from the shame and disappointment and the obvious betrayal of love and regard that both of them refused to show to me.
This sounds like Maury Povich....

3/What was his purpose for creating me , and did I meet or fail his expectations...

How do you like my reponses?

princess said...

Ok my answers.
No.1- If he is my father's son then definitely not. but if he isnt then marrying him would depend on our feelings for eachother and what he thinks about his mum's actions.

No.2- I would be disappointed in both of them but will forgive my mum(after lots of begging sha o!) and divorce the idiot!

No.3- I probably will ask him what i did to deserve so much love and favour from him.

The Last King Of Scotland said...

1. hell no

2. find the nearest omorogun(mortar) and smash his/her head in, plus the spouse

3.i would be in awe for 9 mins, the last minute i would find time to ask the question, 'what happens next'

~Mimi~ said...

Mon soeur, i am always frightened small to come to your blog o.Na so so palava and life-time question u dey always ask???what is your brain thinking of??hhn hhn.we need to go and get a happy meal together sometime.....

anyway,after much deliberation over these delicate issues you have wonderfully brought up,@

1.that is just twisted!!out of all the men in this world,it is my step brother i will marry?no.then his momc now..oh this is too much.

2. Eeuww, eeuuw, eeuwwwww, eeeuuwwww. lets pray I dont have children for this man already and lets pray for God to help me get to heaven because forgiving this kind mama is hard least the man might be stupid,but my mama wey born me???

3.I will ask him how the world was before men,I will ask him what makes Him laugh,I will ask Him what His Plan for my life is(dt i can do now though) many

Kai Kai said...

Awwwwwwwwww HELL no!

Linda Ikeji said...

I'll ask God why he loves humans being so much that he forgives us whatever we've done once we've asked for 4givness

Naija Vixen said... try,this na real "thinkers" oh! I'll ask Papa God bout the truth behind ALL remove all the exaggerations added to their history...for the first question,lailai...i guess im loyal lyk that....nd the second one...i'll still be in jail ;-)

Confused Naija Girl said...

interesting questions

1. No i dont think so

2 i cant think about it. I would prob faint!!

3.have i made the right desicions in my life. what do you wat me to do with my life?

jadedjune said...

bia uve come again with these questions ;-)
lets se....


2)its not going to happen.

3) Why he allowed me to make some certain decisions in my life. Also which direction should I go next.

racquelle-cutie said...

marrying a step brother is definitely a big NO and if i met GOD i'll ask him how long he existed before deciding to create the world

9ja Opeke said...

If u're given a chance to meet with God, for 10mins.. What question would u ask HIM?
God, why does Excited Jade ask all these question?

Ok, On a serious note, God when will I meet my earthly angel whom you have given as a gift to love...

In regards to the two questions you asked...e go pain me no bi small but time will heal my broken spirit. Life is so funny, you can only ask God for the grace to face all situation...

Pink-satin said...

dis questions na wa ya o

londonnaijachic said...

1. No

2. Ultimate betrayal (i bet there is a home video called that)I really don't know what i'll do to my mom but i know its a wrap between i and the dude.

3. so many questions

Ogoja Princess (aka Mama) said...

1. Hell No

2. Same as above. Thats it with me and dude and to a certain extent, me and that parent.

3. Whats the point of life? Why couldnt we all just stay in heaven?

Naijadude said...

I will ask God why are you so beautiful :D!!

Are you shining though? you know no matter the circumstance, this is a year of great accomplishment and if we dont encounter obstacles and troubles, how'd we accomplish greatly??

Keep shining, saint!!

ExcitedJade said...

@ONB am still waiting oh

@Chicala Think fast

@Ugo... u be thief... Bill gates credit cards... hmmm. thinking of that sef,

@Smply gorgeous. welcome back darling, Lovely!!!

have a blessed weekend u all.
Princess... No matter what we do, we deserve the best from God... how r u dearie?

@King of S.. egbon wa, thanks jare LMAO at Omorogun

@MIMI.. mon sister, u no dey disappoint me anytime... true tlak oh, i'll invite u out soon for a happy meal(dont tell them yet oh)

@kaikai.. no to all?

@Linda sweetheart, u too much, i dey gbadun u anytime.. true talk, we just cannot fathom the ways of God.

@NaijaVixen i trust u

@ CNG my sis-in-law, how far?

@Jadedjune my lovely sister, how u dey? no worry, as per directions, u need to talk to HIm more, u'll get there before u know it.

@RC.. briliant girl

@9ja ~Opeke. thanks for stoppign by but r u sure u've not met the earthly angel?

@Pink-satin.. i need answers oh.

@LNC.. welcome back darling

@Ogoja thanks for stopping by... ur funny.....stay in heaven? we have lots to accomplish in this life.

@Naijadude, ride on saint, am shining oh... thats the spirit, we have to lok at the world from the mountain top. what dimension do u think we r( they dont understand).

9ja Opeke said...

"@9ja ~Opeke. thanks for stoppign by but r u sure u've not met the earthly angel?"

If I don see am, I fo no dey blog again...but if u c am abeg direct am to my place fo Blogville.

Tayo said...

excitedjade, you don come again o! Where did you get this one? Anyway, marrying a step is a definite no no.
As per what question I'd like to ask God, leave that to when I see him.

Naija Vixen said...

Oya update kiakia now!!!

SET said...

WOW THIS IS DEEP. I am not worthy of God's presense I will only praise HIM all of the 10 mins

Naijainformat said...

Mba, nope I can't imagine taking him home