Friday, 30 March 2007

Question time

Hi peeps,

I need your help here....

If a knife is not sharp.... that means it is blunt

If someone talks without minding any one( i.e sharp mouth)... we say such person is blunt

abeg, why is it so?

Have a great weekend y'all.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Naija women

There's this single mum that lives down my road, Aunty K , she should be in her 40s,very friendly and nice woman.... So over the weekend, i heard one of her daughters wasn't feeling too well and decided to just be a big aunt and say hi to them at home.

Sha, when i got there, i met one of her friends, aunty B, about same age as K,u wont believe the kind of conversation they were having, not minding that i was there oh

Aunty K: B, how far bobo yen nko(how is that guy)

Aunty B: Oloriburuku e ti lo( the cursed boy's gone)

K: Ki lo tunde( what, again?)

B: Ko ye mi oh(I dont understand)

From the gist sha, i got to know that Aunty B was dating a small boy.. can u imagine, naija woman dating a boy of 25.... Apparently, the guy got tired and wanted out, but mama B insisted that never, as long as she's in this London, the boy will not pull through, she's ready to do anything to grab the boy by force....

Can u just imagine what some naija women do? As if that was not enough..... she said she'd go to any length to get him...(na by force), bobo say he no do, but the stupid woman no wan gree...

Infact Aunty K, was short of words, she said she warned her friend not to date the boy but becos the bob0 na fine boy( i hope its not our fineboy), and knowing her friend to be "olojukokoro", she no gree.

After a while, i asked aunty B to tell me the guy's name, at least if not for anything, make i just know incase....., for where.. she no gree tell me, and K sef say she no know, say na sweetness, her friend dey call the bobo,.

PS to Sweetness oh, please wherever u are..... u're about to enter wahala with B

Thursday, 22 March 2007


I can't beleive i actually came back......

This is my first blog and it is dedicated to LONDON BUKI.
This lady is just unique in every standard, hilarious, scintillating, smashing, (u'll think av met her..nope) but in my mind's eye she is simply Buki... u need to change ur name to UNIK BUKI.

LB, one thing i want u to know for sure is that God loves you, u're the apple of His eyes, He'll never leave nor forsake u, He has said it from the beginning and will bring it to pass, MY LORD, the unchangeable changer that changes all situation has turned everything around for ur good..

u have impacted me in so many ways with ur mummy monday, ur chidren will call u blessed.

Omo Iya Buki,
Mummy is well o my dear.

My Fellow bloggers, dont u just think this lady is wonderful?