Thursday, 4 October 2007

Love from NAIJA

Peeps, i miss u all so much

will soon be back

I hope u're all taking care of my baby sis.. MIMI

Bimbylads.. welcome back oh, av not really had time to read ur posts.. chinko eyes nko

LOndonBUki...... mummy is very well...

ONB.... ko ju si iwe e, please. u dey?

OTHERS..... u know urselves... i don over miss u

MWuah.. naija isnt bad, thank God, NEPA or PHCN no too misbehave.

Love u all ,my beautiful family of bloggyland.

Thursday, 30 August 2007


I still cant beleive av been AWOL for a month plus....

I missed you all

I've been thinking about the way forward

My Life

My relationships

My commitment to God

My financial status

I prayed...

I cried...

I need more of God

I need wisdom, understanding

I need a man, i mean the right guy.. a man after God's heart
(can u hook a sister

Oh God, when will u send the man my way?


BTW.... am travelling to Naija in 3 weeks time for my younger sister's wedding..

Monday, 16 July 2007



I miss u all so much....

Will be back pretty soon,

please, How do u know u're in Love?

(MIMI.... my baby sister, i miss u darling, need ur prayers more, now.)

Monday, 9 July 2007


Hey peeps,
I will be back soon.
I just need to take a break to really think about what the future holds for me.
I will surely miss you all..
Till then,
Stay blessed and remember... dont ever let anything weigh u down.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Good Old Days

Daniel Wilson.( Mr Raggamuffin)

People, please where the hell is this guy... heard he now has a fast food restaurant in Naija

Do u all remember this song, back in the days by the man Himself

Excuse me my lady
Tell me whats ur name
I go crazy when i see u, walking down the street
Am no Cassanova
All that is all true
Please, my lady am crazy over u

Am no cassanova, am no romeo

I dont smoke marijuana
I love you so...
The only thing am pleading
is my loving u...

Please my lady, am crazy over you

Call me Daniel Wilson

(Daniel wilson, Daniel Wilson)
And I'll play u Ragamuffin
(Rag! Rag!! Ragamuffin)
Anytime u want me just call on my name.

Excuse me.. am Daniel Wilson, Mr Ragamuffin...

and this... back in primary school

Wherever u go( go, go , go, go)
Wherever u've been( sisi Eko)
Do not say yes, when u mean to say no( Baba Ibadan)

Am out.. have a great week, see u all on Friday with my mind-blowing questions.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Finish This Sentence

Yes, i have been tagged by FavouredGirl

Finish This Sentence

I am...: glad am going to Naija soon
My ex-boyfriend was...: an asshole
Maybe I should....: go away this weekend
I love....: Indian Films
I don't understand....: why people shout on the phone
I lost my....: dad some years back
My current boyfriend is....: stll searching for me
People say I'm...: very reserved and loving
Love is....: bringing down the clouds for someone
Somewhere, someone is....: giving birth
I will always...: be thankful to God for bringing me this far
Forever is....: forever
I never want to...:see a need and not meet it
I think the current President is....: cool
When I wake up in the morning, I....: say my prayers, and drink some water
Life is full of...: mysteries
My past is incredibly...: bitter-sweet
I get annoyed when...: people dont appreciate little things
Parties are for...:eating, dancing and meeting more people
I wish...: My dad was alive
Tommorrow I'm going to...: do some shopping for the week
I really want some....: more of God's words
I have low tolerance for people who....: are proud, selfish, backbitters
If I had a million dollars...: I would support a charity and invest the rest wisely.

Guess what? You've been tagged! Have a good week.

Prayer for the week

This is for u(pray this prayer)

Dear Heavenly Father, you're good and your mercy is from everlasting to everlasting.
You are my defence and i'll testify of your power.
I'll speak of your mercy in the morning, for you're my refuge in the day of trouble.
As i follow after mercy, I find life, righteousness, and honour, in Jesus' Name

Have a great week.

Friday, 22 June 2007


God Forbids bad thing.....(some questions i ask sef, dont be afraid.. such is not our portion in Jesus' name.

1.If on your wedding day, say, in the morning your mum slumped and died, would you continue with the wedding?

2.What would you do if u discovered ur partner was involved in a robbery and wanted by the police, would you give him up/away?

Thats all folks... have a great weekend