Friday, 18 May 2007

The People

They are at it again oooo....

I remember a certain time, i think, 2004, then i was in Naija. I got a call from someone..

The conversation.

Me: Hello, who's ds?

Caller: Ha, emi ni, o ran ti ohun mi(its me, cant u recognise my voice)

Me: ta le mi, please who are u?

Caller: Uncle e in london, iwo omo yi ti gbagbe ni(ur uncle, u've forgotten me so soon)

I had a feeling, he's one of The People)

Me: (trying to play along) ha uncle Soji, e ka san(Uncle S, good afternoon)

Caller: bawo ni jare, ma binu pe mi o pe lati ojo yi... mo fe send awon handsets kan to ni camera si iwo ati jide(how r u, sorry that av not been in touch since, please i want to send some handsets to u and Jide

Me: (thinking.....who the hell is Jide)... ha,no problem, ese sir.. where will i get them from?

Caller: wa losi Hotel kan ni ikeja(gave me the name), jo ba mi mu N25,000 dani fun ore mi to ma ba ni be, o fe fi san owo kan, ma send e si e pada(u'll have to go to a hotel at ikeja with N25k for my freinds, i'll send it back to u)....

Me: (yeah right.. cant ever be mugu), ole ni yin sir, i dont have an uncle by that name in London.. try another line( u're a thief sir)

Caller...( all of a sudden).. line yi mehn, mi ogbo e mo( this line, cant hear u)

Meanwhile, i heard the stupid man telling somone at the background pe o ti ka mi sha( he's been caught).

MAY 18, 2007, LONDON

Only for me to get a missed call this morning again from Naija.... i dont like it when i miss calls from Naija, could be my sisters, mum or friends trying to get across to me.

Anyway, i called the number and this time it was a lady at work ,hmmm... the people(all the way from Naija)

Me: hello, i got a missed call on my phone and just want to know who ds is.
(meanwhile, at the background i heard a voice that said.. shey, number yen ni yen(is that the number?)

LadyCaller: ha, aunty eka ro ma emi ni(aunty, good morning, its me)

Me: thinking(whose voice is ds?) ta ni yin?(who r u?)

LC: Omo aburo mummy yin lati owo(ur mum's niece from OWO

(I immediately flashed back to Naija.... hmm, The people..... my mum is not from Owo, cant even remember anyone from Owo)

(Decided to play along, )

Me: Ha, se Bukky ni yen, mummy e nko(is that bukky, how is ur mum?)

LC: Won wa, awon lo ni kin pe yin( She's alright, she ordered me to call u)

ME: Se ko si( hope no problem)

LC: Aunty, won ni mummy yin sick gan, pe won fe se operation fun won, pe ko de si owo pupo lowo awon(aunty, ur mum is sick and she needs to go thru an operation, she doesn't have enuff money.

(hmmm.. The People, my mum that just woke me up this morning with prayers)....

Me: Bukky, ose gan, have u called my elder sister?

Lc; A ni number wan( we dont have her number)

(but u have mine in London...)

Me: Bukky, ose o. iya e lo ma se operation, gbogbo ile yin lo ma se operation.. my mum is very well and kicking(thanks Bukky, ur mum will be operated, everyone in ur family)....

Lc:(thinking she's dropped) epe l on se fun mi, o ti ka mi now(she's cursing me, she's caught me.

I called my mum immediately to confirm.. she's ALRITE
After a while, i tried the number again before i left for work.... Peeps, The people don comot the SIM card.

So, this is a warning to u all... Beware of THE PEOPLE.

Meanwhile, av u ever had an encounter with them? Lets hear it.

Enjoy ur weekend.


Anonymous said...

LMAO @ the people... u're one funny girl... dont mind them oh, they were so frequent one time in naija, calling people's numbers at random.
How did they get ur number? Thank God u didnt fall a victim.

U too enjoy ur week.

Naijadude said...

Omg! that is just so funny, I was laughing my self out! Nigerians can be funny sometimes eh, try using so many tricks eh!.... They used it on 2 friends of mine, calling their families and saying their kid in Canada is sick and needed money!...

Old tricks..but good thing u are so smart!

ExcitedJade said...

@anony.. u fast sha... really, i dont understand them, jobless pple.

@NaijaDude... my brother, no be me, na God just dey make me no fall victim;.

jadedjune said... people really fall for shit like that?
these people have time......!!!

~Mimi~ said...

as i always say, awon aye!!!!! sister u made a mistake while telling the story....
the second situation, they gave u a missed call, you called them back, then u went on to say that you kept her on the line to waste her credit :) it was ur credit u were wasting now,sheybi na u call them bak.oya edit quick quick

ExcitedJade said...

@ mimi sister mi, ose jare.... av corrected that... na typo(error), but truly it happened ds morning,do i send u the number so u can try abeg.

ExcitedJade said...

@jaded... some pple do oh,

Naija Vixen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Naija Vixen said...

People beat me to the first post! My naija pple with their magomago...!!!! and this was today? LOL!!!

princess said...

Ha! Ha!! Ha!!They don jamm rock! U too much for them na. Its not only in naija sha, Everywhere scam is in vogue. Na God go save us.

Pink-satin said...

they did that for me a lillion times in 9ja

catwalq said...

omo na wah o
are u listed in the phone book or something?

The Last King Of Scotland said...

mennnnnnnnnnn. 419 to the nth degree. the people sha. they are everywhere o. bastards. thank God u are smart and didnt panick. weres!

Desola said...

This is not fair! My boss just gave me a "are you alright" look. I was laughing out so loud I almost wet my pants. Gosh, this is funny o, I don laugh die!

Calabar Gal said...

How on earth did they get your number? Naija peeps and their new tricks.

9ja Opeke said...

This was so funny reading...I may not have encountered such pipo but thanks for the warning...

Anonymous said...

Yeah they call me too. Asking me to "pay my debt CBN" with a major credit card!!!

Bitchy said...

Lol!!! A family friend got called by them once and was told that her mother was dead and she should send money. She called her pops crying her EYES out. I know I shouldn't have found it funny, but it was frickin hilarious. Wonder how the hell they got your number. They must know someone you know??