Monday, 16 July 2007



I miss u all so much....

Will be back pretty soon,

please, How do u know u're in Love?

(MIMI.... my baby sister, i miss u darling, need ur prayers more, now.)

Monday, 9 July 2007


Hey peeps,
I will be back soon.
I just need to take a break to really think about what the future holds for me.
I will surely miss you all..
Till then,
Stay blessed and remember... dont ever let anything weigh u down.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Good Old Days

Daniel Wilson.( Mr Raggamuffin)

People, please where the hell is this guy... heard he now has a fast food restaurant in Naija

Do u all remember this song, back in the days by the man Himself

Excuse me my lady
Tell me whats ur name
I go crazy when i see u, walking down the street
Am no Cassanova
All that is all true
Please, my lady am crazy over u

Am no cassanova, am no romeo

I dont smoke marijuana
I love you so...
The only thing am pleading
is my loving u...

Please my lady, am crazy over you

Call me Daniel Wilson

(Daniel wilson, Daniel Wilson)
And I'll play u Ragamuffin
(Rag! Rag!! Ragamuffin)
Anytime u want me just call on my name.

Excuse me.. am Daniel Wilson, Mr Ragamuffin...

and this... back in primary school

Wherever u go( go, go , go, go)
Wherever u've been( sisi Eko)
Do not say yes, when u mean to say no( Baba Ibadan)

Am out.. have a great week, see u all on Friday with my mind-blowing questions.