Friday, 8 June 2007


What would you do if you went for a blind date and you saw that your date was UGLY?

What would you do if u discovered u're HIV postive? would you tell your partner?

What is your own definition of LOVE?

If your doctor told you u have 1o days to live, what would u do?

Its happening tomorrow at BURGESS PARK, Old Kent road

( I have never been to any carnival in London, think i should go and see how its done)
To my fellow London Bloggers
, if u're planning to be there, please let me know...
especially u, MIMI.

Have a glorious weekend.


~Mimi~ said...

lol @ your questions. you've come again.

i would never go on a blind date but i also dont believe in judging for looks.

it is not my portion in Jesus name but prayer answers everything and Jesus heals...also no secrets shared with partner!

10 days to live ke, him and who? hiss! I will promptly tell the doctor i shall see him on the 11th day!

yes, i will be coming for the carnival but e be like say i go wear full hijab this time o!!oya mail me ur description fast fast otherwise!

~Mimi~ said...

p.s where is your voice comment box? dont let me ask twice

Naija Vixen said...

1) Chai...i will injure the friend who set me up...and then enjoy the rest of the date if he has a great personality & then tell him nuffin will happen AFTER the date...Cant be going round london with him oh! LOL

2) Na wa 4 dis question oh!i'll go and camp out @ church oh,let them pray 4 me...wen im healed,no need to tell partner is ther? ;-)

3) A merry little elf doing a merry little jig,until he turns on you with a miniature machine gun!

4) God!!! I dont want to think bout it...but borrow loads of money from the bank (they wont see me again) and go all the places i have always dreamt of seeing.

Your questions...fear in my heart!!!

ExcitedJade said...

@mimi.. u just dont worry... ok, send me ur email addy so i can forward my picture to u.

jadedjune said...

naija ke?

ExcitedJade said...

@jadedjune, yes darling.. nigerian carnival, dont tell me u're just hearing this from me.. i beat u to it darling, so how far, r u coming?

~Mimi~ said... oya forward asap!
and tonks for loving my page...wetin u want make i teach u, i will!

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~Mimi~ said...

sister! have you already made your own, make sure its the blog skin you chose o, it is the third one down from the list, it is long, not the wide version.

basically, the copy and past thing, after you've copied, come back to your blog, go to customise, in the right hand corner where there are small boxes, you will see one on top that says add a page element, click on it, then you will see a list of options, choose the HTML / Javascipt one, it is the one below the picture one, click on add to blog, it will open a page that looks like a post page, name it anything you choose in the title, then PASTE! the html you copied from snapvine will be pasted, then click on save changes!!

thats all!!!!

it will appear on the topmost conner of your blog, you can move it up or down, whichever way you like. let me know if u need more help.

~Mimi~ said...

oh yea, dont forget to click on save, on your blog customise page.

~Mimi~ said...

sister now!! i told u to get the longer one. oya go back now now now now! go and look for the long one, it is the third row called blog will give the full number, because now we cant see. u this babe, dont let me vex o

~Mimi~ said...

hhmmm...why dint you ask me about the avatar when you called me nowwwwwwwww?????? and i dont want to call u on your office fone! oya i will tell u in the evening or should i mail u. kai, my comments are getting too long o!

ExcitedJade said...

@ mimi ur comments can never be too long dearie, u're my sister now.

BlogVille Idols said...

Hi ExcitedJade...this is Peke...thanks for leaving a comment on my snapvine sista, tanx fo d support

Favoured Girl said...

I'll be meeting up with Mimi at the carnival with two of my friends. Any chance that I'll see you there?

Confused Naija Girl said...

I was about to say the same thing Mimi said.

1. stay till the end of the date and hope he has a nice personality

2. yes you have to. its the right thing to do.

3. Love that can stand the test of time. old love . lover together when they are 90 and stil crazy in love

4. i dont know . dont want to think about it.

~Mimi~ said...

lol...i have been wanting to tell you too oh! why people go dey hear my flu-infested voice when dey come to ur page now.

u need to go back to, choose a different skin or choose the same one if u please, but just try to change the voice player's skin ur using,then on the page where you get the HTML,dont click on the box that asks if you want to automatically play your voicemails on your page,just copy the HTML as it is. then do the same procedures to stick it on your page.

Naijadude said...

Blind date sux.. but I will just flow along, give my sheepish smile!

HIV positive? Cant comprehend that eh!

chidi said...

1. If i went on a blind date & saw my date was Ugly, i would show him that im not interested, then try & make the date as short as posible

2.Don't want to think about that

3. L-Listen to each other
O-Open your heart
V-Value your selves
E-Express your trust

4. If a doctor told me i had 10 days to live, i woulddo nothing. I would be in shock probaly till the 10th day

princess said...

1. I will just stick with the date till the end but will make sure to drop a hint that am in a relationship with a guy i love soooo much and just wanted to make new friends.

2. I will go to church for confession and then take off but not before i write a letter to my partner telling him why i left. If he really loves me, he will come for me.

3. LOVE is GOD

4. I will make sure i spend the last days getting closer to God, making up with everyone i know and just having fun(the good way). But God forbid bad thing o!

princess said...

@Mimi, ur instructions on how to use the voice recorder really helped me put up on on mine. Thanks.