Friday, 15 June 2007

Its Friday

This is how we do it, its friday morning and i feel alright....ok


1. What would you do if you discovered ur partner swings both ways?i.e bisexual(u know, now).

2. Would you consent to sleep with another man if ur man persuades u to because he is impotent?

3. Who are the 5 people u'd love to meet in blogville and why?

4. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Have a great weekend y'all.



~Mimi~ said...


~Mimi~ said...

Sister of mine,what is it about fridays that makes you think up all these dreadful questions? well except some of them sha, here i go:

* as I commented on someone else's blog who asked what I would do if my partner was homosexual, I will first make sure I turn him straight again, then after he is now straight I will dump him.. what was all that deception for? hiss.
on a serious note, if it is a habit he picked up after we got married,(God forbid), then we will need to pray about it ni oh.
however if he is still a boyfriend,hhmm...that one is hard oh...nah men.

* no now. eeuuww. thats gross.. what kind of mental torment would that be for my man? no oh.

* can I say you? (but then i know you already now)

Nyemoni---bcos she is my blog sister
Bobby Taylor and her son--because i know i will have a fun filled day

Bimbylads----same goes for her, i want to see the queen of comedy

LondonBuki---want to see the face and woman behind all that love and faith

* No i dont believe in Love at first sight

Ugo Daniels said...

1- if she swings both ways-i'll welcome it whole!There's something lesbians that trips me. Hope i meet one someday...lawl!


3- Now, as a politician, i won't answer. Every blogger is nice in his or her own way but one person i'll definitely wanna meet is SOLOMONSYDELLE-she's just amazing!

4-No, but i believe in STRONG LUST at first sight!

Calabar Gal said...

1) Wouldnt want to stay.
2) No!
3) LondonBuki - energetic, O gosh !! I cant choose!! I would love o meet eveyone not just 5!
4) NO, YES, Oh ! Dunno!! LOL!!

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BiMbyLaDs** said...

1) I will bi-sect him
2)tufi !! God Forbid bad thing!!( snaps fingers over head three times)
3~)mimi- so i can collect that her 'bend down' dress and buy her a proper one...
ive met some already , but,nid love to meet Bobby, so that she can gimme my share of her duet with 2face...
u- of cuz-infact, ill email u one of dez days...
mr fine boy- cos hes my friend, just need to put a face to our gists
e never reach 5?
36 inches of brown legs- jus wanna

princess said...

1. End the relationship
2. No,i'd rather leave him.
3. Cant choose for now.
4. I believe in attraction at first sight(U can call it love if you want).

Tayo said...

1. Unthinkable
2. No big deal, we'll adopt.
3. Lots of people! Can't start naming them all now. You're definitely in the list. So is ~Mimi~
4. I agree with princess. But Attraction is not love. Love is built over time. It doesn't come at first sight. What are you loving at first sight? the beauty or the clothes? You don't even know jack about the person. What do you want to love? LOL

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