Monday, 2 July 2007

Good Old Days

Daniel Wilson.( Mr Raggamuffin)

People, please where the hell is this guy... heard he now has a fast food restaurant in Naija

Do u all remember this song, back in the days by the man Himself

Excuse me my lady
Tell me whats ur name
I go crazy when i see u, walking down the street
Am no Cassanova
All that is all true
Please, my lady am crazy over u

Am no cassanova, am no romeo

I dont smoke marijuana
I love you so...
The only thing am pleading
is my loving u...

Please my lady, am crazy over you

Call me Daniel Wilson

(Daniel wilson, Daniel Wilson)
And I'll play u Ragamuffin
(Rag! Rag!! Ragamuffin)
Anytime u want me just call on my name.

Excuse me.. am Daniel Wilson, Mr Ragamuffin...

and this... back in primary school

Wherever u go( go, go , go, go)
Wherever u've been( sisi Eko)
Do not say yes, when u mean to say no( Baba Ibadan)

Am out.. have a great week, see u all on Friday with my mind-blowing questions.


~Mimi~ said...

Hiiiiiiii sis! lol, yes i doooo remember Mr Ragamuffin, I am afraid to say and ashamed too, to say I had a crush on him! WHAT WAS I THINKING? anyway he was the ish back then.

I have started my Man/Woman Series on my blog.

Anonymous said...

lawl!i loved this song in my pry 6 and i made them play it in my 10th birthday

Anonymous said...

mimi.u had a crush on danny wilson-mr ragamuffin!eugggh..ur taste then was weird!LAWL..excited jade go to our blogville idol page and leave us a comment...thats an order-LAWL

princess said...

Hmmm.. i am feeling nostalgic here. That primary school song was so popular back then, we would sing it and swing our arms as we marched into our classes from the assembly ground.
I also had a chidhood crush on Daniel wilson. He now runs his family business-Wilson bakery.

Naija Vixen said...

Wow...back down memory lane!!! See you on Friday mos def...have a fab week!

Ugo Daniels said...

Yea, such good old days! remembered the song. Naija singers are there going agrund after releasing their first hit!

Calabar Gal said...

I remember danny wilson. So he's still around. Used to release some pretty good songs then.

Writefreak said...

Who would not remember, those were the good old days, would still like to sing "wherever you go", nice blog you have here

Uzo said...

LOL...Its not a fast food restaurant. He owns a very suiccessful bakery and bread brand. He is doing so so well...Excellent flashback post

Life through rose-tinted glasses said...

ok babe i dont know how come i didnt find ur blog sooner but now i have and i love it....addicted lol...xx

temmy tayo said...

Used to love the song then. Only God knows where the man is at the moment.

aloted said...

lol..I remember him o...amazing how it was a hit then and now its past memory.

Naijadude said...

Nice one u got there eh!

hey-- I finished the sudoku in 7:21 that good enough? :)

...toyintomato said...

...oh my gosh, i remember this song
it was our marching song in primary skool...damn how time flies...

"Wherever u go( go, go , go, go)
Wherever u've been( sisi Eko)
Do not say yes, when u mean to say no( Baba Ibadan!!!!"

femme said...

his father owns the bakery not him.
met him once when i was working for a cooperate gift shop. he came in to collect his order with a girl i gathered is a step daughter and instead of paying told me to get the money in his car down stairs. one of the reasons i knew i'd never work for any one again.
i totaly hate the`guy now and never eat the bread

wienna said...

laaaaawwlu @femme. I think he tried to come back to d scene but i don't think it worked. D only dude who's trying to make it back is Blackky and it seems to be working for him.

Oracle said...

That was one great track i used to watch on TV.
He also had another song titled "Original Bad Boy"

Tayo said...

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Date: Saturday, 5th Jan
Time: 4pm
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David said...

Does any one here knows where to get the Mr Ragamuffin track I have missed it so much.
Please if you do have it, would you send it to my mail box.