Friday, 22 June 2007


God Forbids bad thing.....(some questions i ask sef, dont be afraid.. such is not our portion in Jesus' name.

1.If on your wedding day, say, in the morning your mum slumped and died, would you continue with the wedding?

2.What would you do if u discovered ur partner was involved in a robbery and wanted by the police, would you give him up/away?

Thats all folks... have a great weekend


Ugo Daniels said...

Hey 'sup. You and these kinda questions sef, na real waooo!

-I'll continue with the wedding, after all the dead is dead and i know she would want me to finish my wedding and then 'tend' to her.

-I'll give her away...watever made her to steal in da first place?

Adeolu said...

- I will continue with the wedding, but the reception might not be as elaborate as it was meant to be.
And for the case of the partner that went to steal, I give her away before I am arrested for being an accomplice.

Naija Vixen said...

Jeez! Been a minute,but you still shocked me with the!

1. God forbid,but i wouldnt continue...wouldnt be in the frame of mind to be getting married i think...hubby will mos def understand...if not,i guess we werent meant to be or he's just a heartless so and so...;-)

2. thing to do would be o give him up...but i'll prob'ly give him a feeble headstart...God forbid this tho!!!

Yikes,have a great weekend!!!

disgodkidd said...

i think scripture gave a prescription on what to think on.

ExcitedJade said...

@disgodkidd..sure i know, just playing around..we all hal from God, noting evil will befall us.
thanks mate

~Mimi~ said...

sister, i sent you a text. what happened u no reply me? missed you today!

i am not answering number 1 lol

number 2, i will give him up then lovingly visit him in jail or follow him to court to show my support :)

chidi said...

i don't even want to tink about it

Tayo said...

Na Wa for you o, ExcitedJade. Where on earth do you get these questions? I don't even wanna answer any one.